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The Game:

Sokoban's Creed is an "open-world" sokoban game made for LOWREZJAM 2020.
Explore an abandoned city, solve interconnected puzzles and discover many secrets.

This started as a silly joke where I would mix Sokoban with open-world design, so block-pushing puzzles but also skill trees & XP.
It sounds absurd but I ended up really linking working on this. Making a non-linear game like that is completely new to me and designing puzzles that could be solved in different order while preventing too much unintended solution was a real challenge. But this also led to a few surprises!

It ended up being HUGE, with ~160 levels/screens, a lot of secrets and a full optional dungeon with secret ending! Which might not have been the ideal thing for a jam but oh well! I spent a lot of time on the saving system too, which is something I had barely done before, so this was kinda hard to manage.

Small warning:

Since it's a Sokoban game, pushing boxes often result in dead ends, so a rewind mechanic is necessary. And Checkpoints too. But the open-ended nature of the game also means that the player can choose to abandon an area and go elsewhere. This could lead to a few softlocks if you're not careful!
So: If you're leaving an area before completing it (usually this means reaching a new checkpoint or a new object acting like one) make sure to use the restart function before leaving. It sends you back to the last checkpoint!

I made sure checkpoints were only in safe areas that you can only reach by doing the right thing, so if you have any doubt, just use the restart!


(can be remapped)

  • Movement - WASD / Arrow Keys
  • Action - Spacebar / X
  • Rewind - Backspace / Z
  • Resart - R
  • Menu - Escape
  • Map - M
  • Skill - I
  • Stats - J


This was made in GameMaker Studio 1.4, started around August 5th. I used Beepbox for sounds, and the font m3x6 by Daniel Linssen. Secrets were written by Celim'.

I'm sure I stole a lot of idea from years of playing PuzzleScrips games too, but I couldn't attribute anything to a specific one, so I'll just say: you should play ENIGMASH.



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